Meet our three step solution


An initial analysis will yield an extensive knowledge of the needed infrastructure. Our crack squad of engineers will then deliver a plan for your scenario.


Having the solution qualified, we’ll build a reliable and secure infrastructure that delivers the performance you need.


You’re up and running now. But sometimes issues come up. Not to worry: our friendly and knowledgeable support team will keep everything running smoothly.

Product Offer

There are two ways to go about this: either you pick all the details about accommodation and tweak the cost/performance ratio to the limit, or, if you prefer, just tell us your business needs and we’ll sort out the geeky details. We love that stuff!

High Performance Hosting

Designed for environments such as social networks or other applications with large numbers of users, this snappy 3-tier cluster is scalable up and out to several million requests per sec, with full use of services like DB, e-mail, secure protocols, etc.. We’ll even throw in full managed services, so you don’t need to worry about infrastructure at all!

Sliced Hosting

The advent of the term “Cloud Computing” leveraged the supply of infrastructure as a service. Wow! This service offers customers a “pay as you go” model on top of physical high performance servers, partitioned into multiple layers, each containing appropriate resources like OS, users or storage. Sliced just how you like it, scalable up and out, on demand.

Dedicated Hosting

This service is designed for companies that do not have their own servers, and/or want more flexibility in the choice of setups. We provide a dedicated environment and a full match with your requirements, whatever they are. Fast, secure connections, IP addresses, redundant power. All that and a bag of chips. And you can mix this with other services.

Housing Service

Just don’t know where to put that mission-critical server that’s perfectly tuned for you? No worries: we’ll host it! With 24/7 surveillance and monitoring in a secure site, we’ll take good care of your hardware and give you all the physical access you need. A dedicated environment with fast, reliable Internet connections, IP addresses and redundant power.

Managed Operating Systems

In order to meet the immediate needs of mission-critical enterprise systems, we offer a service that simplifies the complex mix of people, processes, technologies and planning that keeps platforms online. It’s the kind of Operating System maintenance that allows you to get the kids, switch off your smartphone and go away to the countryside...

Managed Applications

Free yourself - and your IT boys and girls - from the boredom and routine of maintaining the company’s applications and infrastructure. Have them spend time in stuff that really matters, like R&D, using those platforms for what they were made for, or table football. Let us make sure that everything is running smoothly. You won’t regret it.

Support Service

This is not your usual support service. This is a service that’s 100% tailored for the customer to achieve maximum performance and availability. Every customer will have a Technical Manager that will work with him to identify issues and recommend the specific parameters for his scenario, as well as possible paths of growth or requirement changes.

Backup Services

Data is critical. You need backups. It’s that simple. We offer a full suite to accommodate all your backups, make sure your data is safe and secure, and that you can access it when times get tough. We’ll work with you to achieve a true geographycal redundant backup solution, not just storage or access. The whole thing. You’ll rest assured that you’ll be back online in a heartbeat.

Need More?

Hungry for something that's not on the menu? Not a problem! Drop us a line and we’ll provide you with a solution fit for your exact needs.

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About Us

As a company focused on systems and support services, we constantly run into the need to build the perfect unique environment for our customers. After chasing numerous hosting providers to satisfy all our quirks, we thought we could do a better job ourselves. Thus, the OS Managed Services Platform was born.

High availability, geographical redundancy, load balancing, clustering, high performance or even megaflops, our savvy team has no problem in taking apart any of these terms. Our boys have seen it all, and every last one of them has a number of Open Source vendor certifications and accreditations.

We design, build and run our own infrastructure. OS Managed Services Platform, the buck starts and stops here.